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January 02, 2021


Have a happy, creative and satisfying new year no matter what else comes!

I remember walking through Montreal years ago at Christmas. It was 25 below and the two of us trudged through the snow wearing our Canadian Army coats we bought for 5.00.
I am working on my first paint by number kit and realized yesterday that the paint the said to use for one of the cats is green. I painted part of the cat green. I also realized it is not going to look like the photo unless i get a whole lot better. So my plan is to paint the whole thing following directions, green cat and all and then try to go over it again looking the way I want it to. It's a great funny scene of two old ladies howling at the moon and I'd like it to turn out good. I also ordered a complete set of better acrylics and will get better brushes.

Thank you, Peter -- I owe you a letter!

Sharyn, yes, those memories of Montreal on days much colder than this one! I'm glad you're painting, and don't worry if the cats are green, you can always make them pink later if you want to! Your plan sounds like a good one. All the best for the New Year.

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