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August 12, 2021


I enjoyed your photos, drawings and essay. We recently returned from a 2 month road trip to Florida. For the most part we only interacted with people when we were outside. But since we stayed in hotels on the way down and back (and stopped at rest areas) we were in places where very few others wore masks, especially in the south. As you say, people acted like the pandemic was over with. Even though we were very careful and fully vaccinated, a day or so after getting home we started having Covid-like symptoms -- sore throat, cough, fatigue, but thankfully mild, and now over with.

I really appreciate these reflections, your sketches, and this particularly sublime watercolour.

It's also my new favorite photo of you!

So good to hear from you and to see the loving portrait of you by J.

Beautiful drawing of the hemlock trees on your father's front lawn.

The situation with unvaccinated people, August heat and increasingly unhealthy air from fires is a present reality here in Northwest Washington State. British Columbia has 72% with one dose and 63% fully vaccinated. Washington State has 65% with one dose and 58% fully vaccinated. In the county where I live, it is 7!% and 64%.

I enjoy your thoughts and sketches. Inspiring.

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