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August 08, 2021


I will be thinking about this for a while, but I must say I like how the project turned out. Pastels are amazing!

Your pastel drawing is so lovely - the silver-white colour and the movement!

Sometimes there are weird correspondences. Like yours, my mind was already in Greece when I began hearing the news of the terrible wildfires.

Dream of Greece

Now let the mind’s eye stray
to a familiar view
rose-mauve skies over Athens
where Plaka’s pastel lanes
climb to the Acropolis
and memory lingers
in some dim street-side bar
the ouzo is cheap
souvlaki sweats in greasy paper
the night heat rises still
dream of fine flaking pillars
and gracious caryatids
of a fierce rocky land
spread with silver olive trees
ancient city now daubed
with pain and graffiti
heed the wildfires heed
the roar of tumbling millennia.

Thanks, Peter. I'm going to start another one soon!

Jean, your beautiful poem takes me right back to the streets of Plaka, the light of Athens, the smell of the grilled meat and the olive trees everywhere. I'm so glad you're writing. And it's comforting to me to realize you were thinking and caring about Greece too, at the same time.

Beth, these pastels are fabulous! Strong, free, full of movement and texture. I love them.

So sorry I don't come over here to Cassandra more often. It's that damned Facebook which has taken over and even there I stay mainly in my "room", just as I do at home.
But I do think of you and send you and Jon all my love. A bientôt ma chère. xx

The olive tree reminds me, with its wound-up power, of the Whomping Willow at Hogwarts.

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