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November 02, 2021


Likewise, dear Beth. There is a faint light at the end of these personal and global tunnels.

Your post today feels like a generous gift and for that I am grateful. I felt my heart open as I read it. Sending love always.

Best wishes, Beth. I always appreciate your thoughtful and beautifully illustrated posts.

As a result of a terrifying event my elder daughter - then quite young - sought comfort in marrying a man almost twenty years older (and divorcing him very quickly afterwards). He was a gentle, innnocent soul and didn't deserve such treatment. His memory has faded since but he's remembered for one interesting observation. Having wandered quietly round our house he said - offhandedly and without judgment - that there wasn't a single personal and/or family photograph on display anywhere. Perfectly true. Both my wife and I have returned at odd times to that brief sentence, wondering what it said about us. No useful answer has been forthcoming.

Beth, I also stuggle with my mood in this cold weather. Your altar is so moving; many thanks for sharing it. r You mentioned missing Mexico....I wonder if you have any sketches or memories to post....one of my favorite places too.

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