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December 15, 2021


Love these colors (gamboge!! what a word). I used to do watercolors two lives ago. Wishing you healthy and peaceful holidays, and let’s hope 2022 is a much better year.

I'm loving the colors and admiring the skill it took to use them effectively ...

A comforting post, just when I needed comfort. I sadly cancelled a Christmas dinner tomorrow with two grandchildren and their girlfriends who are off to Toronto this weekend. Elizabeth and her family were going to join us, so we would have been 10 people. Granddaughter Emma phoned to ask me whether I felt safe - and I had to admit I didn't. Omicron is exploding and 90% of identified cases are in double-vaccinated people. I need to ground myself in your colours and shapes and the wise advice to look at things which make us feel emotional and positive. Thank you Beth. Your post was uplifting.
Ann E

I find an outdoor walk with a friend (all of mine are vaccinated), with a stop for hot chocolate from a window of a local café immensely restorative. Music, colour and I admit, some movies I'd never have watched before.

What disturbs me greatly is a recent visit to my sons from one of their friends since daycare days, a 34 yr old covid denier who is unvaccinated and uses a counterfeit document to get into bars and restaurants. All of their old crew have rounded on him; he says "Isolate the old people and let us live our lives." This in contrast to the young nurse who gave me my booster, and when I remarked on the charming wall murals (including reindeer with bees riding on their antlers) she told me she had spent all weekend making them, so she could reassure children.

Sorry you had to cancel your trip to see your father.
Merci pour tes couleurs et pour tes mots. Ils ont toujours l'effet d'un baume.

Agree that your post is comforting Beth except hearing you won't be able to see your dad on his birthday. All we can do is hope for better times in the future. Wishing you and J. a good holiday in spite of things.

Hi Beth,
I love your colors! Olof is painting in oils and I'm just fooling with acrylics. Here in NH it is bad also and we are isolated with two very vulnerable elders in lock down.
Most people are going back to masking up but January looks bad here.
We're all tired of it and I am sorry you can't be with your dad. Our old folks are 93 and I'm glad we can spend time with them. If they were in a facility it would be tough.
Keep painting!

I couldn't love this more, Beth. Shared it with my Facebook poetry group, who were writing last week about fruit. They loved it too.

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