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March 20, 2022


Yes. And simply go on.
Happy anniversary, dear Beth!
Never stop breaking the silence, from time to time!
Love, M.

Your words and images are nourishment for others, and nineteen years of that is NO SMALL THING. <3

Thank you so much, dear MK. Don't worry, I seem to keep coming up with something to say! Thank you for being a companion on this journey, and for your poems and images which mean so much to me.

Thank you, Pascale. When I read what you had written, tears sprang to my eyes. I often feel so ineffective and weak, and like it really is a small thing, but now and then I hear from people for whom it's made a difference, and I keep going -- for myself and for them. I'm glad we've known each other for so long, too, and hope you are managing in these difficult times.

I agree with both Magna and Pascale ... your words are an inspiration in so many ways that I am sure you don't even realize. And we who read them don't always respond as we should but please know you are a comfort to many Beth. Also, Beth you will never be weak!

Congratulations -- nineteen years is no mean feat! Keep on bloggin', and by all means spend as much time as you can with cats and clouds; the war is inexorably draining all of our spirits, and we need all the help we can get. Thanks for all your words and images over the years.

Oh, thank you, Kathy. You know me very well so I'll take what you say to heart! And I appreciate it very much.

Good to hear from you, Steve. I'm glad you're still there too, it always encourages me to keep going. You must be especially miserable about the war, having devoted so much interest and affection to the Russian language all your life. When the war broke out, my online book group was well into our late winter choice: War and Peace. One person decided to bail out, but the rest of us have continued and found it a particularly enlightening book to be reading right now. Thanks for writing, stay well, and maybe our paths will cross again one of these days!

When I saw your watercolor today, my spirit soared. Reading blogs has brought an unexpected dimension into nearly a quarter of my life. Thank you for your presence during these years that are adding up astonishingly, bringing both sorrow and joy.

... And we know
that the enormous invulnerable beauty of things
Is the face of God, to live gladly in its presence, and die without
grief or fear knowing it survives us.

(from "Nova," by Robinson Jeffers)

Huge congrats, Beth. Hard to believe so many years have passed, and politically we seem to be in just about the same place.

Hello Beth, I'm not sure how long I've been reading enjoying Cassandra Pages but it may well be the full 19 years! Just to say I still appreciate it as a sane and creative place in this troublesome world.

I admire you for keeping your blog active after all these years. It takes a lot of discipline... and generosity. C'est encore et toujours un plaisir de te lire. Joyeux bloganniversaire, Beth!

Not forgetting Chechnya, Syria, Georgia and the attempt by KGB agents to poison two Russian emigrés in Salisbury, UK, which led to the death of an entirely innocent passer-by.

Well said, Beth. Thanks for the reminder for me to take a breath and notice the snowdrops blooming in the St Thomas garden…

I absolutely love this watercolour! And 19 years--wow! That is an accomplishment to be proud of. There's something special about combining art and words in a meditative way. A mixture of emotion and thought and something that goes beyond both of them. And you are right, I believe. There are moments that call for the silence between words. But here's to the next 19 years of painting and writing!

Before anything else, I would like to say congratulation for 19 years! That is a lot of years of writing. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog because I love how you write and this is going to be a fun journey for me to read your archives. :)

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