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June 16, 2022


Wow. Big day tomorrow. (Thank goodness it wasn’t today, what with the weather!) I hope it goes smoothly. It’s going to be a crazy few days as you settle in, but I’m sure you’re going to love there with all that sunlight!

Un pincement au coeur as I look at the photos of your condo where we’ve had many great gatherings. 18 years? How is that possible? I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow. Bon déménagement!

I am glad I got to visit you in your apartment opposite the park and at your studio. These are my memories of Montreal and of you, of us sketching at Parc LaFontaine together and eating my first artichoke in your balcony…

Bon déménagement!

This sounds like such a positive change, much like the one you arranged for your father. I've grown accustomed to a sense of your home through your drawings. Looking forward to whatever this move brings to you creatively. Thank you for the lovely French language lesson. I was inspired to go to Google Translate to listen to the sound of déménagement and will remember that word, along with related words. Soin et attention.

Lovely meditation on that word.

Oh my goodness, so much transition in your lives all at once. May you find both peace and joy awaiting you!

Oh my dear Beth, what a lot to cope with in recent times. It was so sad to hear about the traumatically changes in your father's health and all that this involved for him and for you and Jonathan. But at last there's some relief now that you managed to move him to the Veteran's home - thankfully he has such a loving daughter! Now the big déménagement for you and J and all your belongings. I know what you mean about getting rid of possessions! There have been so many déménagements in my life. in childhood and adulthood, and each time shedding stuff has been both salutary and stressful - the sheer hassle of it all!. I hope and trust your new home will be exactly what you both want and need, please post photos, before and after settling in. I wish I could visit you there but meanwhile, very warmest wishes for your moving in and much love to you and Jon.

Dear Beth and Jonathan, We have recently moved to Las Cruces, NM where we are working with a Franciscan community on eco-justice issues especially those related to Laudato Si goals. We wish you well in you new move! Pax, Henry and Treadwell

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