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August 22, 2022


So sorry for your loss, Beth. “Very long, mostly happy, and vigorous” are excellent life goals, and he achieved them. We’re thinking about you.

An awesome person. I know I am better for having met both of your parents. Peace.

May his memory ever be a blessing to you, Beth. I'm glad he had a life with people who loved him.

Kua hinga te totara i te wao nui a Tane

The totara has fallen in the forest of Tane

So many hugs and thoughts sent from across the world.

Arohanui e hoa…

Deux photos qui parlent….
Condoléances Beth

Oh Beth, sending hugs. I am so sorry. But happy to hear he lived well, long, and mostly happily. x

Have been thinking of you, and of him, today. Sending love and hugs.

Yes, he lives in you. Sending love to you and all your father's loved ones.

Jonathan's double portraits honor the love between you and your father in a deeply moving way.

Beth,Jon's marvellous photos touch the heart and reveal a bond between you and your father that will never die. Whenever I read your moving posts about him over the years I wished that I could have met him and your mother. You were and are blessed to have had them as parents and they could not have had a more loving and supportive daughter. Thank God you and Jonathan were with him in his last days and that he was at peace. I'm thinking of you and sending you huge waves of love and friendship.

Beth, my deepest sympathy. Howard’s passing has left me saddened, and yet I am assuaged by how he lived; a full, active life. May he find his way in peace.

Love Jonathan's portraits of you and your father...

Much warm sympathy. I'm glad your father was able to keep his independence for such a long time. Crossings are hard--love to you and Jonathan. So glad I saw you both when your father was at Bassett.

I'm about to go see my own very elderly parent, and will think of you, and yours.

Oh my, how physically alike you and your dad were, Beth. Thinking of you very much and sending love.

Thank you for sharing his life through your blog which continues to inspire, as the photos testify, the passion, the love continues to live in you. Deep condolences, Beth.

Beth - we are so very sorry for your loss, which is always so hard even when not entirely unexpected. The pictures are wonderful & you look so much like him! After my father died, eventually when I thought about him, it was always him in the prime of his life, and undiminished by the issues of his aging. We hope your memories of him will bring you comfort - sending many hugs, and we will raise a glass to his memory when we next are together!

You will have so many wonderful memories Beth (and such lovely portraits), but nothing takes away the sense of great loss.
Take care of yourself at this difficult time.

My condolences, Beth. xo

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