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August 13, 2022


I've been swimming this summer, but my Early Bird Lap Swim at the pool just ended, all the lifeguards headed back to school...

Joy is what I felt when I saw your painting of the sky and clouds.

Thank you for writing about swimming. It's been many years since I swam regularly. I do remember the meditative nature of doing laps in a pool. Back to joy -- the joy of swimming. I live near a 14-mile-long lake and know a woman in her early 70s who swims 2 miles daily early in the morning for as much of the year as possible. She wears a wet suit when it becomes too cold to swim without one. Lately I've been thinking that it would feel good to swim again. I'd have to buy a bathing suit for a starter and then maybe a wet suit to swim in the lake. My lower back is vulnerable to low back pain but with a little Googling, I see that freestyle and backstroke are good for that.

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