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September 30, 2022


Fascinating, and I can see how the emotional content shows through even though I can only guess what it might be.
I kept visual diaries for nearly three years and looking through them a decade later brings back the most vivid memories. At a personal level I find them so much more powerful than any of my many written journals. As you say, secret and coded.
I am in no place to take the process up again.

Thanks, Judith. Since you've done it yourself, you know! And I'm hoping that a practice of writing or drawing earlier in our lives will carry over even if we aren't doing either later on, because our minds are tuned to observing and thinking about things. Do you think so?

Good to see your sketchbook and to know that your desire to draw is returning.

Beautiful. You've moved to a new town? Worthy of an exhibition at your local Mairie!

So much resonance in what you share, thank you Beth. I have written in a journal most days many years of my life, but rarely
re-read. For a time I was doing a drawing a day, and when I look back at those drawings I am transported in such a palpable way.
A Mexican pitcher that I still have is so vivid in its black and white rendering, a birch tree outside a window, a pair of worn then and now gone sandals brings me bac to these objects and to me at that moment of looking at them. Uncanny and an invitation to return to such a practice again.
I have been thinking of you and am grateful for what you share.

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