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January 06, 2023


I love how you depict a snowy, partly obscured scene. I was studying the top picture so see if I could learn from your choices of what to omit and what to depict when the bottom one jumped out at me. Admiration, as always.

Wow, I just absolutely love these! Just magic.

Always appreciate seeing what you are seeing in the world around you, both inside and outside. Love these cityscapes.

Thanks, Peter. And Happy New Year! I don't know, but it helps to squint at the scene and try to judge the values, and then what details are lost when you do that, and get rid of them. Simplify, simplify. Or so I tell myself.

Thanks so much, Edward! Happy New Year and Happy Epiphany!

am: Thank you so much! And Happy New Year. I appreciate your reading and commenting and encouragement, it really matters to me.

This is lovely, Beth - happy New Year, and hope all well with you and yours!

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