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January 30, 2023


Love the drawings and the vid!

Thank you for sharing that. I suspect it takes quite a bit of effort to explain as you work through your drawing. I learned things!
Stay warm!

It is good to hear your voice and see these drawings of a beloved place.

Hello Beth,

Your demo is great and your work is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Mike, thanks for writing! Hope to see you sometime when we're down there. We found Chanatry's market in Utica this time around - that was a good discovery, and also the artisanal bakery and cheese shop on the arterial. Is there an actual art supply store anywhere?

Thanks, Peter. Glad you liked the video! I enjoy making them and will do some more; they teach me things too.

am: thank you. I hope to do more of these.

Hi Henry! Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked these. Of course that landscape always has you in it too, for me.

Quite struck by your "central New York" work. Lived there 12 years (West Edmeston) and it is JUST like that!

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