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February 25, 2023


This looked like magic to me❤️
You are so talented

Thank you very much for that, Beth! I will send the link to Laury tonight. I think you teach drawing well — perhaps because you're well organized to start with, but it's clear you put thought into what you did and how you did it. I certainly came away with an idea of how I would undertake such a work. Referring back to the photo isn't really necessary, but I can imagine circumstances where you might pop it back in for a second, for example when you went back to erase-in the deciduous trees. When erasing charcoal, don't your erasers get gummed up? Anyway, thanks very much again!

this was fascinating, Beth. I never would have thought to use the eraser to indicate
the trees in the front or the snow. that just never occurred to me. I like the video.
It was very clear and easy to follow. I try to draw for myself every now and then and these tips are very helpful.will be interested to find out about materials.

so sorry about your lovely cat. saying goodbye to a beloved pet is so wrenching. I hope
Manon finds peace soon.

I am so sorry to hear about Manon. I remember when she first came into your life as a kitten.

I'm struggling with Loki's illness, so I truly understand.

Thank you for giving Manon a life of love, all the way through the end.

Beth this is fascinating! Howard and I watched together and were mesmerized! Was very easy to follow and can’t wait to see more. Love how you used the erasure for the white. You have such an effortless style. Thank you! Also so sorry to hear Manson is ill! As you said we have all been there but know it is so difficult to say good bye….we are thinking of you both.

I am so sorry to hear about Manon! I will send prayers to heaven. I'm so glad I got a chance to meet her and pet her. Will keep sending loving vibes.

Great watching the process and hearing you talk about it. And then seeing the final result! Very meditative. There's something about your work that reminds me of the poet Wordsworth--I guess it's finding the quiet mystery of nature. I can't decide if I prefer colour or Black and White. The black and white makes it feel very wintery. Brilliant work as always!

Laury was also enthusiastic: "This is the kind of instruction I was hoping to get about techniques in classes I am taking up here….as I can see from viewing pro water colorists and pastel painters and charcoal drawing experts that there are inside tricks to create landscape components. I am competent at drawing things and creating good formats for paintings but I immediately dive into too much detail, copying what I see rather than like how Beth starts off the tutorial — simplify simplify simplify. … She gets the “gesture” of the trees just right — and up here in Maine (the Pine Tree State) we have a predominance of white pines and fir trees. The Fir trees I just love especially as they remind me of the Adirondacks — my heart would skip a happy beat when driving north from Utica" … she says she needs more practice. Again, thank you!

Thank you all very much!

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