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March 08, 2023


I think historians will recognize 2016 as the high water mark of the rights movement for our generation. The first black president was finishing his term, the first credible woman candidate was running; the laws recognized the rights and needs of Black men and all women — to an extent, anyway — and those of the LGBTQ community. And then came Trump, calling out themes of racism, hatred, fear and cruelty that we thought had been extirpated but had only been bottled up all our lives. And the world turned upside down in four years. I admire you for using he tools you have to fight on.

A powerful statement. Your analysis of where we stand today is sadly correct. In the early days of Trump’s occupation of the White House, I started to fear that The Handmaid’s Tale might be prophetic of things to come in the U.S. That fear grew stronger and is even worse today, despite the fact that there is a Democrat in the White House. Republican-ruled states are hell bent on proving Margaret Atwood prescient. Just today the NYT published an article about a lawsuit in Texas against two women who helped their friend get access to abortion pills. It is a chilling story from one of the most chilling states in the U.S. But as long as there are Women (mostly White) for Trump, women’s rights will continue to be threatened and regressed. Same with civil rights and other rights that were gained after decades of hard work and activism. I’m very sad. Sorry if I’m commenting almost a week after you wrote this. I’ve been a little preoccupied. Plus it’s only now that I discovered what I need to do in order to comment on your blog! I haven’t even been able to ‘Like’ any of your posts. But I’m signed in with my Twitter account now - which I hardly ever use, but thank God it’s good for something now that it helps me comment! Thank you for your bold writing and beautiful art. Yours is a true spirit of God’s love.

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