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January 29, 2024


Hi Beth,
My Ramona and brother Harper will be 19 Feb 5th. They sleep a lot and Ramona has become very vocal and wants to be with us all the time. Harper has his schedule, he watches tv with us every night.
They are wonderful companions.

Cats have a number of facial expressions: smug (frequently recurring), accusatory, weighed down by the prospect of sleep, comically enhanced anger accompanied by spitting from the back of the throat, and "I am now about to be mischievous". Plus genuine fear immediately after seeing I had just taken up my trumpet. We no longer have a cat so the latter expression is truly in abeyance; I would like to check a cat's reaction to my rendering of "An die Musik" - a most uncatlike song - but the opportunity seems improbable.

There's something about cats that I find reassuring. Your drawings of Manon are reassuring. I miss my cat whose name was Oboe. Now and then I tried to draw her when she was asleep.

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