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May 15, 2024


Hi Beth. I think your wild ginger is actually bloodroot. I have a little bloodroot clump in our back yard and that sure looks the same. Cheers, A.

Hi Andrea! You're right that the leaves of bloodroot and wild ginger are very similar. The difference is the size, which you can't tell from my photo -- those leaves are six or eight inches across. Also, I could see the strange little maroon blossoms of the wild ginger hidden at the base of the plants. Bloodroot is a favorite of mine. I found a lot of blooming plants the last time we were at the lake, but didn't see any in this particular woods in Montreal, though I expected to.

I love your watercolor, as well as the photos. But I know the watercolor took a lot more time and talent. Beautiful spring wild flowers. Thanks for sharing them. If I don't comment often it's because I have to fill in three lines of info about myself just to post a comment. But this time it was worth it!

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